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 Older people's care - new build development sites

We are retained by a number of care operators who are seeking development opportunities throughout the UK. 

The  guiding principle in all cases is that the site must be viable, both in terms of need/demand and financial sustainability. Our needs analysis service provides the assessment, which assists our clients in making an informed decision, but there are fundamental factors which should be applied at the outset:

  • A surplus of demand over quality supply (a good quality home will draw clients from older homes)
  • It will also draw staff away from older style homes which may not be fit for the future
  • Critical mass - i.e. sufficient demand to underpin the speed of referral and thus filling capacity
  • Local authorities, strategic planning for care
  • High ratio of privately funded clients
  • Current and anticipated local authority fee levels
  • Good quality environment and neighbourhood
  • Limited competing development opportunities
  • Workable footprint for efficient design layout
  • Efficient design if planning already approved
  • This is critical for maximising bed capacity and staff effectiveness
The days of building a care/nursing home, regardless of local factors and being immediately successful have gone and it is vital that proper advice is taken throughout the process, so that a project has the best chance of success.

If you are looking to expand your business and need advice on how to approach this, please call us on 01423 360011 to see how we can help you.

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