In assessing the sustainability of the existing homes, we take the base as the National Minimum Standards which were scheduled to be introduced in April 2003. These were not introduced on all homes, but placed on hold for all existing homes and only applied to new registrations post this date. In reality, this means that many of the existing stock of beds are within homes which do not meet the latest criteria and, as such, cannot be considered fit for the future, i.e. sustainable. Our analysis grades the homes into one of five categories:

A) Modern purpose built with 12 sq metre plus all single bedroom accommodation which incorporate a full en suite             wet room with wc and shower. (Third Generation)

B) Modern purpose built with all single all en suite wc bed rooms. (Second Generation).

C) Purpose built possibly with some twin bed rooms, where all rooms are not en suite. (First Generation).

D) Large conversion with purpose built extension, where there are potential issues with room sizes, twin bed rooms           and a lack of en suites. These are less likely to be sustainable.

E) Conversions where there are likely to be issues with physical standards and as   such, a greater question mark             over sustainability.

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